Luxury lingerie for your everyday.

Our Story

The Allettare idea was simple - create lingerie that makes women feel beautiful and confident.  When a woman puts on a delicate lace bra or a silk slip, it will change how she feels about herself.  The confidence she taps into will inspire her to become the person she desires to be.  It's just that simple.  


Our aesthetic is classic yet modern; sexy yet sweet; elegant yet edgy.  Our aesthetic is also our ideal customer.  She is a little bit of everything because a woman can never be pegged to be one thing.


All our products are handmade in the U.S.  We source our materials from all over the world.  The quality of fabric is essential to Allettare.  In the design process, we choose the fabric first then design the silhouette. 


Within the company, the culture is positive.  We only work with individuals who have a passion for what they do, are authentic, open-minded and willing to think outside the box.  They are willing to go above and beyond for others.

From the Creative Director and Founder

I opted out of putting an "About Me" section to open this page and even hesitated to write this letter.  Then I thought that I need to tell my story in hopes that people will understand the reason I started Allettare and will be inspired to follow their dreams.  

I am of Vietnamese descent and grew up in Dallas, Texas.  I received my BA in history from the University of Texas at Austin.  I wanted to go law school but was uncertain of the choice.  After graduation, I moved to New York City to find my passion.  Somehow I ended up in finance.   It wasn’t a field I could see myself doing for 20 years.  Many of my friends and colleagues encouraged me to go into fashion over the years because I always expressed interest.  Fear of not knowing I would be good enough prevented me from exploring the fast-paced world of fashion in NYC.  I eventually quit and decided to check off one of the items on my bucket list – travel the world for more than 6 months. 

While abroad, I discovered two things:  that I love design and that there was a lack of beautiful, delicate lingerie made in the U.S.  I started to design non-stop after a summer session at ESMOD in Paris and explored production when I was in Vietnam.  Upon my return to the States, I found a job at a multi-channel lingerie retailer, followed by design internships at a contemporary undergarments brand and with a couture designer, and even worked the retail floor for the first time in my life.

I used to have a poor relationship with intimate apparel.  Truthfully, I hated shopping for undergarments and fell into the 80% statistic that many women wear the wrong size.  All my undergarments looked the same and came in the same three colors of black, white and nude.  I loved fashion and design though.  When I was in Europe, I spent lot of time roaming the streets and found myself walking into lingerie boutiques since there were more of them there than in the States, even in Manhattan.  The sales associates at the boutiques presented me bras in a wide range of colors, textures and cuts – all of which were very unfamiliar to me.  I even felt a little uncomfortable.  After ONE session, I fell in love and understood the essence of lingerie.  Lingerie makes me feel good, confident and strong.  I can wear a white t-shirt, denim and a lavender silk bralette and feel great about myself because I know what’s underneath. 

With Allettare, I want to create pieces that makes a woman feel good about herself.  When she does, the possibilities in life are endless.

Truly yours,