How to Care For Your Undergarments

Bras should not be treated like other garments in your wardrobe, especially ones made with silk and lace.  Treating your delicates like your gym clothes will shorten the life span of their wear. Here are some tips on how to care for your bras and other delicates:


The Ideal Method

The best way to maintain your delicates is to hand wash your garments in cold water with a detergent specifically made for delicates.  Wash like colors only.  Cold water helps bras and underwear maintain their elasticity. The Laundress offers a wide range of cleaning products but have a specifically made lingerie wash that has no toxins.  Fill your sink with two capfuls of the wash and soak your bras for 20-30 minutes. Silk garments should not be soaked for more than 20 minutes.  Don't panic if you see any color in the water - this is normal.  This is why it's important to wash with like colors.  You will not notice any color loss after the garment has dried.  After you are done soaking, hang dry or lay the garments flat on a rack.

The Easier Method

If you are going to throw your delicates in the wash, it is best to wash them separately from your other clothing.  Use a mesh bag to prevent tangles if you want to wash them with your other clothing.  We still recommend using a lingerie detergent as it is more gentle but in the washer, you'll need to double or even triple the amount you'll be using.  Always use the delicate cycle.  All bras should be clasped so the hooks don't get caught with other garments.  Never put your delicates in the dryer.  Hang dry or lay the garments on a rack.

We recommend washing your bras after 2-4 wears, depending on your lifestyle. The more you care for your underwear, the longer you'll have them.   

Image via Flickr from Honey and Jam